Recently Moss LED FlexLED and ML product lineup were assigned UL listing number E489028.  What does this mean and why is this important? 


Who is U.L.?

U.L. (Underwriters Laboratories) is an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization, founded in 1894. Over the last century, Underwriters Laboratories has become the world’s best known independent product safety certification organization. Millions of products and their components are tested to UL’s rigorous safety standards.


What is UL Listing?

UL Listing means that UL has tested representative samples of the product and determined that it meets UL’s requirements. These requirements are based primarily on UL’s published and internationally recognized Standards for Safety.

References to UL and the UL Listing may include:

  • the UL Listing Mark
  • the UL Listing Mark for Canada (if applicable)
  • the combined Canada/U.S. Listing Mark (if applicable)

For packaging, the UL logo may be used alone as long as the product (as opposed to any Listed component in or connected to the product) bears the complete UL Listing Mark.


Why use UL Listed Products?


  • Experience the benefits of Third Party Certification
    The UL listing is called a “Third Party Certification”. This certification provides an unbiased safety assurance to interested parties including the manufacturer, the specifier, and the consumer.
  • UL’s field reps worldwide conduct periodic, unannounced on site inspections of UL-certified products in the manufacturer’s factory. The product is verified as being fully compliant with a set of rules governing the product. Another part of the agreement is traceable labels. Each product listed must have a label affixed to the product traceable to the manufacturer through Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Gain an advantage with Listed and Classified Products
    They are not the same, in fact Classified products have been evaluated only for specific properties, a limited range of hazards, or suitability for use under limited conditions. If a product is Classified by UL, this can mean its testing meets the particular requirements for a single test with a published result, but has nothing to do with all the other tests that may form part of a Standard (i.e., UL 181).
  • Stand out with full UL Listing and Compliance
    If products comply to some parts of specific UL Standard, this can mean their testing only meets that part of the Standard, but the products do not fully conform with the UL requirements. Be sure the company you go with is in full compliance, because if only partial, it is not a true UL listed product.




    February Freeze

    January 17, 2016


    Happy New Year to everyone from Moss LED.

    We are happy to announce that we will be attending William F. White February Freeze event on February 9th in Toronto, Canada. Tickets are free of charge and can obtained here:

    Hope to see you there!


    - the Moss LED Team


    Moss LED had a very successful first time exhibiting at ProFusion and would like to thank everyone who attended the show at the beginning of November. 

    More recently Moss LED has had the pleasure of partnering with AirStar Canada in retrofitting some of their balloons. 

    Michael St-Eve wanted a bright, low power, color changing, and cost-effective solution for his clients.  Upon review of the challenges (small space, hi output requirements) the decision was made to use our FlexLED HD RGB + Tungsten 24V High Wattage. 

    Michael and his team managed to hit 32' of FlexLED inside of the core of the balloon.

    The RGB + Tungsten units allow for full color changing control as well as producing a nice pure white Tungsten.  If you are interested in having a balloon retrofitted to these or similar specifications please contact or

    Several weeks ago Canada sat down in front of their television sets and watched a new leader be elected to the PMO office.  On CBC, Moss LED was proud to have our products integrated into a very aesthetic set.

    FlexLED 24V RGB was used as a perimeter around all of the raised set risers. to accent the elevation changes and highlight the glossy floor.  

    CBC Election Desks 2015 On all three large election desks were placed our LuxLine ALM 2027 Square Aluminum Channel.  This channel is extremely small profile, and emits light on three sides due to its frosted cap.  It also completely diffuses the LED so that there are no pixels and it is a seamless 'bar' of light.  Inside these channels were the FlexLED RGB+W(5600k) which produced a beautiful clean white light.

    The LuxLines were also used vertically on either side of all of the video walls surrounding the main risers.  All of the FlexLED was powered by our flicker free, high precision LuxDrive 10s and LuxDrive 8s.  These units are highly reliable and allow for quick plug 'n play use on site. 

    Moss LED had a very successful time exhibiting at LDI in Las Vegas for the first time.
    Thanks to everyone who made it possible and all of those who attended the show.


    We will now be headed to ProFusion 2015 on November 11 & 12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.  Attending the show is FREE!  Come check it out and sign up here:

    We will be at booth number 2114.  Come say hi and meet the team.


    Production designer Alex Nadon contacted Moss LED to utilize over 150 X 6' RGB LuxLines for the Canadian Country Music Awards.  We didn't quite have that many in stock and on the shelves so we set about manufacturing them to meet his specifications.  The challenge we had was figuring out a method of mounting them to truss as they would be flown high above the stage in Halifax's Scotiabank Centre.

    The decision was made to assemble our LuxLine channels onto an T-Slot aluminum base and then mount those via custom-built sliding washers to a U-Channel assembly.  This would allow full lateral and vertical movement of each channel to allow them to line up to one another and create the seemless lines effect that Alex was looking for.

    The frames were shipped from Christie Lites Toronto, fully assembled along with 30 X LuxDrives and over 3000 feet of our locking 5-pin cables. 


    With the help from on-site lead technicians Mike Aldcroft, Mike Kapler, Eamonn Pinto, Julie Belzing, as well as the local Halifax IATSE crew, all 39 fully-assembled frames were secured to the truss and hoisted into place.


    I believe the results speak for themselves.  The CCMAs were aired on Sunday September 13th, live on CBC.

    Installation of Moss LED products took a crew of 4 approximately 2 weeks to do the full install into the main area.  Over 9000 of our Hi CRI 4100k 4-LED modules were used in the overhead bulkheads, and circular hanging 'cogs'.

    The interior of the 'Bubble Walls' had two layers of of our Hi Density 24V RGB FlexLED tape installed.  2 rows of our LED tape on each face of the 8-face unit were installed pointing straight out behind a cover of milk plexiglass.  Another row of our Hi Density 24V RGB FlexLED tape was installed on either side of the bubbles themselves pointing inwards to add a 2-dimensions colour effect.

    Pointing UP from the bulkheads, 6000 4-LED RGB Modules were used to add colour to the top of all of the bulkheads and hanging cogs.  Pete Faragher, production designer, utilized a black plexiglass which when the LEDs are turned off, produce a 'solid surface' look.


    The entranceways of each room were given special attention by designers Pete Faragher and Alex Nadon.  There is a row of 24V RGB+4100K FlexLED tape facing outwards on the front of the cog, the back of the cog, and inwards as well.  There are also 4 rows of FlexLED tape on the inside light box which provides soft illumination inside the cog itself.  There is also a row of FlexLED tape around the doorway itself to provide some texture to all of the smaller cogs and handles on the door itself.  All of our FlexLED RGB+4100K tape can change colour depending on what is happening inside the house.


    Even the diary button gets special Moss LED treatment.  When pushed, it flashes white until Big Brother decides whether or not to grant access to the diary room.  If access is granted it turns green, and if access is denied, it turns red.  A small amount of our classic RGB 24V FlexLED Tape was utilized inside the button. 

    The producers from Insight Productions decided it was best to try and integrate as much of the lighting into the set so as to make the houseguests feel more 'at home.'  The interior design this year of #BBCAN3 was put together by Pete Faragher and lighting design was developed by Inframe Designs, Alex Nadon. 

    The BBCAN3 house is a testament to led tape technology and how far it has come in several short years.  The first floor of the house has almost 0 traditional lighting fixtures that would normally be used on a television set.  Multiple rows of High CRI Custom 4100K FlexLED + RGB tape are inside most horizontal lightboxes and provide enough illumination inside the house so that regular lighting fixtures are not required. 

    In the overhead 'bulkhead' sections of the kitchen and living room, custom 4100K High CRI LED Modules from BBCAN2 were re-used and the colour matches perfectly to new FlexLED tape from this year.

    5W LED Filament Bulbs were used in the kitchen chandalier.  These low wattage bulbs provide the opportunity to dim the bulb without experiencing a colour shift as experienced with regular incandescent bulbs.  

    Each "chain link" in the dining room table chandelier had 2.5 meters of our Daylite+RGB FlexLED 24V High CRI led tape inside of it.  Please stay tuned for the next installation of beauty shots from the Big Brother Canada house.


    Our brand new LED Filament bulbs helped to create an intimate vibe on stage at the 2015 Juno Awards for the performance of The Weeknd.  These bulbs do not shift colour temperature so they are an ideal solution for anyone looking for consistent colour quality, such as on camera purposes.  They also use only 5W compared to a 60W normal edison filament bulb.  These also have a long life and increased durability of their traditional non-LED cousins.

    Sari from Curtain Call Inc created the chandeliers and provided the red drape used for the outstanding performance.

    Our first photo showcasing the new installation at the Big Brother Canada Season 3 house.

    Our 5W Dimmable LED Filament bulbs were used in the kitchen and the HOH bathroom and were a big hit
    with the production designer Pete Faragher, and lighting designer Alex Nadon.  Due to their high colour quality
    and ability to not shift colour temperature when dimmed, they were an ideal shot light which also produced
    a nice warm glow for the camera.... but not too warm.


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