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Big Brother Canada Utilizes Germicidal Ultraviolet Technology to Enhance Safety Practices

Project Overview

The Big Brother Canada houseguests are technically kept in a bubble from the outside world – no phones, televisions or even contact with the crew. To ensure the safety of these houseguests, production consulted Moss LED on how best to use light to kill germs and keep the houseguests safe from COVID in the outside world.





Nelson Corsi, Technical Director at Moss LED, and his engineering team played an essential role in calculating the height and dimensions of each room to determine the required number of fixtures, where to place them, and the amount of time it would take to disinfect the air and surfaces in several rooms in the Big Brother Canada house.

Each area of the rooms were tested - including the dark corners, inside the cabinets and underneath desks - to achieve 99.99% removal of germs.  The placement of the fixtures is key to sanitize a space evenly.

There were 5 Airzing PRO 5030 UNIV fixtures in the pantry and 4 more in the diary room. The diary room is a private confession room where the houseguests speak directly to a camera. The room is open 24/7. These 2 rooms in particular are high traffic areas because the pantry is refilled by the crew and wardrobe racks are sent into the diary room to get the clothes for cleaning. (The houseguests get locked out of these rooms while the crew does their work.)


“With Moss LED’s support, we were able to achieve the production’s request to clean in less than 13 minutes in both rooms [pantry and diary]. This was exceptional customer service to help protect the crew and the houseguests.”

Kelly Taylor, Lighting Director, BAH

The UV-C Pivotfixtures utilizes 2 x 36 watt germicidal lamps operating in the 253.7nm wavelength range. Ideal for air and surface purification. They sanitized the backyard after the crew set up the challenges and also installed in a 100’ x 75’ room with 23’ height. 16 x UV-C Pivots were hung from the ceiling and a sanitization of 99.99% was achieved in only 20 minutes!

To Ensure Safety of houseguests especially in high-traffic areas and/or areas where crews need to access.

BBC installed OSRAM AirZing PRO 5030 UV-C fixtures and Moss LED’s UV-C Pivot fixtures for a cost-effective, quick to install, easy to use, and reliable way to ensure the safety of cast and crew. 

Project Highlights:
16 x UV-C Pivot Fixtures used in a 100’L x 75’W x 23’H Room  to cleanse air and surfaces in 20 minutes.

5 x OSRAM AirZing PRO 5030 UV-C fixtures in Pantry to clean air and surface in 7 minutes

4 x OSRAM AirZing PRO 5030 UV-C fixtures in Diary Room to clean air and surface in 13 minutes

Simple Installation – less than 4 hours total

Low Operating Costs

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