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We design, develop and distribute LED products that are designed specifically for film, cinema, television, and anywhere high quality lighting is required. We strive to be an industry leader in High CRI, Consistent Color Temperatures LED technology.

high cri LED Phosphors

creating bright vivid colors

We are an industry leader in high quality, high color rendering index LED technology.
Our high CRI LEDs create an even spectrum of light output;  producing vivid red hues, brilliant blues, magical greens,
stunning yellows, and amazing color everywhere in between. 
We have developed a beautiful system of creating wonderful natural white light. 
Our LEDs consistently score between 90 and 99 CRI and over 90 on the TLCI index.


Our innovation in LED lighting perhaps is only surpassed by our commitment to developing high quality
LED Dimmers and Control Systems.  Our LuxDrive units provide flicker-free operation and precision dimming at any
and all camera settings.  Providing a large output capacity in a small format is their specialty.  If you require something
slightly smaller and more compact, our LuxBox units provide hand-held precision dimming control in a mobile format. 
All of our dimmers provide extremely quick connectivity via our locking 5-pin waterproof quick connectors.  This eliminates the
need for on-site wiring and possibility of disconnection.  Our high gauge of wire allows for long runs of low voltage power up to 50 feet.


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