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Pixel FlexLED 12V Dynamic White High Frequency Individual Chip Control

SKU I12VW300GS8208-B
by MossLED
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60 LED/Meter White PixelFlex LED Tape in 12V DC

A worlds first! Pixel FlexLED individually controlled and individually cuttable in 12VDC. 2700k, 6500k and Amber (595nm) all-in-one high CRI LED chip designed for beautiful colour rendering and chase effects.

This Pixel FlexLED operating 12 VDC allows for longer runs of LED while still allowing for dazzling effects and endless possibilities.

Control these strips with our PixlArt 416 controller via ArtNet or sACN data signals.

Suitable for on-camera use and flicker-free up to 240 fps at most camera settings. 8KHZ operating frequency.

Pixel Product Installation Notes:

  • The PWM frequency (dimming frequency) is baked into the pixel and cannot be changed. You must ensure you choose the right pixel strip for your application. If you are unsure of what camera settings are going to be in use, it is best to go with high frequency pixel tape (8khz or higher / GS8208 or APA102)

  • Avoid voltage drop by positioning a power supply close to the LED strip and/or powering the LED strip from multiple locations (or via multiple power supplies)


  • The power supply that is powering the controller (PixlArt416) does not need to be the same power supply that is powering the LED strip. In that case you should not connect the controller output + to the strip +.

  • During testing ensure that the pixel strip is receiving the required voltage by checking the +/- voltage along the LED strip.

Soldering Guidelines:

Soldering iron should be between 360°C and 372°C.  Please ensure not to heat each solder pad for longer than 3 seconds otherwise separation of the solder pads can occur.

Other Notes:

  • Indoor and weatherproof strips have double-sided tape on the back which makes installation as easy as peel n stick.

  • Waterproof strips require mounting via silicone glue or mechanical hardware

  • Controller, power supply and extension cables are sold separately based on your project

  • Quantity discounts available

  • Custom colour temperatures, pixel densities, and PCB colour are available

  • Please contact us for more information

Pricing is for 5 meters (16.4')


Product Type : 60 LED/meter
Product Code : I12VW300GS8208-B
CRI : 95+
Kelvin : 2700k & 6500k & Amber (595nm)
PCB Color : Black
Current, Rating : 1.2 A / meter
Nominal Voltage : 12 VDC
Voltage Range : 10 ~ 14 VDC
Wattage : 14.4 W / meter
CC / CV : Constant Current
IP Rating : IP43
Lumens @ Full : TBD
Lumen / Watt : TBD
Lifetime* : 40,000 hours
Cutting Length : 1.6CM, Individual LED
LED Quantity : 60 LED / meter
Number of Contacts : 4
LED Type : GS8208
Copper Quantity : 3 Oz.
Temperature, Operating, Maximum : 70° C
Temperature, Operating, Minimum : -40° C
Agency Ratings : UL - E489028, CE, RoHS
PCB Width : 10 MM
Maximum Recommended Length : 5 meters
Viewing Angle : 120 degree
Adhesion : SCX 040 500
Wavelength A : 2700k
Wavelength B : 6500k
Wavelength C : 595nm
Wavelength D : N/A
Data Transmission Speed : 800 kHZ
Refresh Rate : 30 FPS
Bit Rate : 48 Bit
Data Clock Frequency : N/A
PWM Dimming Frequency : 8 KHZ


  1. Specification Sheet

  2. UL Certificate of Compliance

*nominal lifetime - dependent on installation location