PixlArt 416

Moss LED


A new 'state-of-the-art' Pixel Control unit ready for today's large pixel control applications. 

  • Features 1 standard DMX512 universe output (acting as a single E1.31 to DMX bridge) via a dedicated XLR 5-pin connector, in addition to the 16 universes of pixel output
  • Single power input rated at 30A
  • 4 individual pixel outputs via 4 position terminal blocks with each output protected by 5A mini blade fuse in the event of an over-current situation.  (can be changed up to 7.5A)
  • Receives up to 16 universes of Artnet or sACN data with an additional 1 x  universe of DMX 512 output E1.31 data via the on-board female XLR 5 connector.
  • 4 layer PCB with high copper density
  • Total output capacity of 2,730 RGB pixels (max 628 per output) or2048 RGBW pixels (max 512 per output)

Please ensure you are running the latest Firmware & Diode Manager to support the most recent pixel protocol additions.  Firmware version 2.0.17 adds support fo GS8208 (12V RGB pixel) & version 2.0.19 adds support for UCS8904 (24V RGBW Pixel)


Output Voltage (V) : 5 - 24V DC (Output Voltage Matches Input Voltage)
Output Current (A) : 30A (4 X 7.5A)
Output Power (W) : 720W MAX - Input Matches Capacity of Power Supply
Agency Approvals : None
Size (inches) :
L 8.31" x W 3.52" x H 1.79"
Pixel Protocols : TLS3001, SM16716, WS2801, LPD6803, WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, MBI6020, TM1803, TM1804, MY9221, MY9231, APA102, SK6812, UCS1903, UCS1904, P9813, SK9822, DMX512P
Channel Count : 2,048 X 4 Outputs (8,192 Total)
Control Protocols : sACN or ARTnet
Protections: : short circuit, over voltage, overload, over current, over temp
DC Input Connector : Two Pole Terminal Block
Housing : Aluminum housing
Indicator : Front Red/Green LED - See Specification Sheet for Details
Output Connector Type : 4 X 4 Position Terminal Block
Output Connector Lock : None
Output Polarity : + / Clk / Data / Gnd
Weight (lb) :  0.72
Mounting Options : Rack Ear Mounting - Surface Mounting
Cooling : Passive
Product Type : LED Pixel Control Product
MFR Product Family : PIXLART
Ambient Operating Temperature : -40C to 70C
Chassis Color : Black
Wiring Color Codes Output : *Refer to Specification Sheet


  1. Diode Manager Configuration Guide
  2. Diode Manager v.2.3.22, March 9, 2020
  3.  PixlArt416 Firmware V2.0.26 
  4.  PixlArt416 Manual V1.0


  • V2.0.26

    -Leave sACN groups before reboot on config change
    -Implement sequence checking for sACN
    -Visually identify units with a new UDP packet
    -Fix ArtPollReply not reporting high universe numbers
    -Add single pixel test mode
    -Add support for APA104 and APA109


    - IMPORTANT: Fix ArtNet to DMX bug (which can also affect pixel outputs)

    - Fix RGBW pixels could incorrectly subscribe to too many universes

    - Fix incorrect value for "white" in test mode may show in Diode Manager

    - DMX512 pixel driver supports RGBW pixels

  • V2.0.24

    - Internal release. OEM changes.


    - Add WS2814 support


    - Improve Jitter


    - Add Art-Net to DMX support

    - Fix DMX output test mode when live sACN data also being streamed to the port


    - Add UCS8904 pixel driver support


    - Color fade test runs smoother (incremental frame by frame steps)


    - Add WS2815 pixel driver support

    - Add GS8208 pixel driver support


    - Add 4 channel gamma correction

    - Add MY9291 pixel driver support

    - Add white channel in set color test mode for RGBW pixels


    - Fixed incorrectly calculating the Art-Net broadcast address if 4th Subnet Mask byte not 0.


    - Add TM1814 support


    - Internal release. OEM changes.


    - Add UCS8903 support


    - Internal release. OEM changes.


    - Fix sACN/Art-Net timeout