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Big Brother Canada 3 Beauty Shots - Kitchen & Dining Room

The producers from Insight Productions decided it was best to try and integrate as much of the lighting into the set so as to make the houseguests feel more 'at home.'  The interior design this year of #BBCAN3 was put together by Pete Faragher and lighting design was developed by Inframe Designs, Alex Nadon. 

The BBCAN3 house is a testament to led tape technology and how far it has come in several short years.  The first floor of the house has almost 0 traditional lighting fixtures that would normally be used on a television set.  Multiple rows of High CRI Custom 4100K FlexLED + RGB tape are inside most horizontal lightboxes and provide enough illumination inside the house so that regular lighting fixtures are not required. 

In the overhead 'bulkhead' sections of the kitchen and living room, custom 4100K High CRI LED Modules from BBCAN2 were re-used and the colour matches perfectly to new FlexLED tape from this year.

5W LED Filament Bulbs were used in the kitchen chandalier.  These low wattage bulbs provide the opportunity to dim the bulb without experiencing a colour shift as experienced with regular incandescent bulbs.  

Each "chain link" in the dining room table chandelier had 2.5 meters of our Daylite+RGB FlexLED 24V High CRI led tapeinside of it.  Please stay tuned for the next installation of beauty shots from the Big Brother Canada house.


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