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UV-C LED Bar in Channel

SKU I-24V-UV-265-300-3528-CH1506
by MossLED
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This bar outputs 265nm wavelength of light in the UV-C range.  UV-C 265nm provides true ultraviolet short wave sterilization with no ozone and no mercury, unlike traditional gas discharge tubes.

Great for Disinfection of Close Distance Surfaces Such As:

  • Work surfaces
  • Countertops
  • Tools
  • Masks
  • Electronics
  • Equipment 

Our LED bar has been designed to sterilize surfaces that are within close proximity to the bar or strip.  We recommend not being further than 12" away from the surface you are trying to sterilize.  For example our 265nm UV-C 1 meter bar calculation 0.02mW/cm2 over an area of 1m x 10cm at 25cm (10") distance. It will take approximately 6 minutes to get a dose of 7 mJ/cm2 (good for 99% reduction).  If we double the time to 12 minutes, the % reduction increases 10 times to achieve 99.9%.  We will be releasing a calculator soon to be able to allow end users to decide how long to run their UV-C LED bar according to their throw distance.       

    The UV-C Bar with channel does not include a cover as UV-C wavelength light does not pass through plastic.


    • 24 Watt / meter
    • Quartz Glass UV LED
    • 120 Degree Beam Angle
    • DC male connector input and DC female connector output for daisy-chaining
    • Connect up to 4 X UV-C Bars to 1 X 90-Watt Class 2 PSU.
    • 24VDC Operation
    • 2 X mounting clips for surface mounting
    • Ozone Free

    What is UV-C ? 

    The human eye can detect wavelengths from 380nm to 700nm.  Ultraviolet light falls below the 380nm wavelength and is divided into four segments.  100nm ~ 200nm is vacuum UV or ozone.   200nm ~ 280nm is UV-C or Far-UV- .
    280nm ~ 315nm is UV-B and 315~ 400nm is UV-A.  UV-C radiation is scientifically proven to break the DNA of bacteria, viruses and spores.  More recently it has been proven effective at eliminating coronavirus from surfaces and potentially air & water.  It is a proven technology that can be used for multiple purposes including in water & air treatment but is primarily employed as a disinfection process that inactivates micro-organisms without the need for harmful chemicals.   


     Warnings & Precautions

    • When in operation this product emits UVC radiation which is not visible to the human eye.
    • UVC radiation can cause skin irritation and damage to your eyes.  Never look at a UV emitter!
    • UVC radiation can cause surfaces such as fabric, plastics, rubber, and painted surfaces to prematurely fade or degrade.  We recommend using the minimum dose required to disinfect based on distance between the UVC product and the surface you are trying to irradiate.
    • The device has not been approved by Health Canada or the FDA. 



    Product Type : Rigid Bar - 1 Meter Rigid Bar with Channel - 1Meter
    Product Code : I-24V-UV-265-300-3528 I-24V-UV-265-300-3528-CH1506
    CRI : N/A N/A
    Emitting Wavelength  : 260 ~ 270nm 260 ~ 270 nm
    Typical Wavelength : 265nm  265nm
    Current, Rating : 1 A / meter 1 A / meter
    Voltage : 24 VDC 24 VDC
    Wattage : 24 W / meter 24 W / meter
    CC / CV : Constant Voltage Constant Voltage
    IP Rating : IP43 IP43
    Radiant Intensity
    :  120mW (4mW / LED) 120mW (4mW / LED)
    Lumen / Watt :  N/A  N/A
    Lifetime* : 30,000 hours 30,000 hours
    Cutting Length : 10 CM 10 CM
    LED Quantity : 30 LED / meter 30 LED / meter
    Number of Contacts : 2 2
    LED Type : 3535 Quartz Glass  3535 Quartz Glass
    Copper Quantity : 3 Oz. 3 Oz.
    Temperature, Operating, Maximum : 70 C 70 C
    Temperature, Operating, Minimum : -40 C -40 C
    Agency Ratings : UL - E489028, CE, RoHS UL - E489028, CE, RoHS
    PCB Width : 10 MM 10 MM
    Maximum Recommended Length : 5 meters 5 meters
    Viewing Angle : 120 degree 120 degree
    Adhesion : 3M Adhesive 3M Adhesive


    1. Specification Sheet

    2. UL Certificate of Compliance

    *nominal lifetime - dependent on installation location