Seni-LED High Current DMX - 6 Channel Dimmer



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Type: Controller

This controller can be used with all of our FlexLED Tape products and Modules

  • This unit converts DMX-512/1990 standard digital signal into six dimmable channels.
  • Uses RJ45 Ethernet or 5-pin XLR connectors to control LEDs via any lighting console or through computer software.
  • Can create over 16 million colors when used with our Colorful (RGBA + WW + CW OR 2 X RGB OR RGB+WW+CW OR RGBA OR RGBW OR RGB OR Bi-Color OR White) FlexLED Tape.
  • LCD Interface provides easy functionality for DMX addressing as well as full manual mode & test control options.

Technical Parameters

Output Current (A)


6 CH @ 10A/CH = Max 60A (6 CH @ 7A/CH = Max 42A to meet UL specifications)

Output Power (W)


720W @ 12V / 1440W @ 24V

Supply Voltage


DC12V - DC24V

Size (inches)


L 4.8” x W 4.2” x H 1.2”

Working Temperature


-0°C to + 70 °C

Bit Rate


8 Bit




IP Rating



PWM Frequency


2400Hz / 4800Hz / 9600Hz

IP Rating


IP40 (Dry Locations Only)

Agency Ratings : UL cRUus


**Connector Tails Not Included**



  1. UL Certificate of Compliance