Module 18-LED RGB+WW+CW



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Type: LED Module

Hi Intensity 18-LED Modules

Suitable for residential, television, industrial, and commercial applications
Indoor rated (IP43) modules have 3M double-sided tape on the back which makes installation as easy as peel n stick.
Maximum recommended length in order to prevent line-loss is 50 LED Modules.

Designed to be used indoors and where high CRI consistent LED lighting is required.

Super bright top SMD 5060 (RGB) & SMD 2835 (white) LED as lighting sources
Easy installation
Indoor Rated High CRI IP43
Low voltage, energy efficient (24VDC only)
Distance between two modules are adjustable


  • Suitable for anywhere high CRI lighting is required
  • Backlight for lightboxes, signage and channel lettering
  • Architectural indoor lights
  • Lights for events and shows
  • Decoration lights for bar, pub, club, discos


Product Type : 18-LED RGB+WW+CW
Product Code : I24VRAWMOD50502835RGBWCW2756
CRI : 95
Kelvin : RGB + W (3000k)
PCB Color : White
Current Rating : 60mA for RGB, 70mA for Whites
Voltage : 24 VDC
Wattage : 3.12W / Module
CC / CV : Constant Voltage
IP Rating : IP43
Lumens @ Full : TBD
Lifetime : 50,000 hours
Cable Length : 10CM
Dimensions : 36MM X 36MM
LED Quantity : 6 RGB, 6 Warm White, 6 Cool White
Number of Contacts : 6
PCB type : FR4 PCB
LED Type : 6 X 5060 RGB : 12 X 2835 White
Operating Temperature : -20 ~ 60C
Agency Ratings : CE, RoHS, UL
Maximum Recommended Length : 50 Modules (156 Watts Total)
Viewing Angle : 120 degree
Adhesive : Mounting Holes / Foam Rubber Adhesive Tape


  1. Specification Sheet (Pending)

*nominal lifetime - dependent on installation location