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ML12 panel is a Bi-Colour (3000k - 5600k) cuttable, foldable panel and high output LED panel.

The panel was designed to fill the inside length of a 4' frame.  5 of these panels across will fill a 4' x 4' frame that is standard use on film & television sets around the world.  It's outside dimensions are 45.35" X 8.97" and has an extremely high density quantity of LEDs creating a very soft and uniform output.

Customized Lengths Available.

Suitable for on-camera use, or anywhere a high-quality LED product is required.

3M 200MP double-sided tape on the back which makes installation as easy as peel n stick.

Maximum recommended length in order to prevent line-loss is four panels.
Controller, Power supply and Extension Cables sold separately

Soldering Guidelines:
Soldering iron should be between 360°C and 372°C.  Please ensure not to heat each solder pad for longer than 3 seconds otherwise separation of the solder pads can occur.



Product Type : ML12 Colour Temperature Adjustable Panel
Product Code : 24VML12BC1152MMW
CRI : 95+ 
Kelvin : 3000k -> 5600k
PCB Color : White
Current, Rating : 4.58 A / panel
Voltage : 24 VDC
Wattage : 110 W / panel
CC / CV : Constant Voltage
IP Rating : IP43
Lumens @ Full : N/A
Lumen / Watt : 67.7
Lifetime* : 30,000 hours
Cutting Size : 500 MM 
LED Quantity : 1380 LEDs per panel (690 @ 3000k, 690 @ 5600k)
Number of Contacts : 3
LED Type : 2835
Copper Quantity : 3 Oz.
Temperature, Operating, Maximum : 70 C
Temperature, Operating, Minimum : -40 C
Agency Ratings : UL - E489028, CE, RoHS
PCB Size : 228MM X 1152MM 
Maximum Recommended Length : 1 Panel
Viewing Angle : 120
Adhesion : 200MP 3M
Wavelength A Red : N/A
Wavelength B Green : N/A
Wavelength C Blue : N/A
Wavelength D & E : Full Spectrum 2700k & 5600k Chips


  1.  Specification Sheet

  2.   UL Certificate of Compliance


*nominal lifetime - dependent on installation location