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LuxDrive16 DMX - 32 Channel Dimmer

Professional DMX controlled multi-channel LED controller with built-in power supply.

No more wiring!
No more separate power supplies!
No more phoenix connectors!
Approved for use anywhere in the world! 

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The LÜXDRIVE16 is an installation-grade power control unit that offers unprecedented quality and dimming control not previously seen in the LED tape industry. Compatible with any of our Bi-Color, Or Single Color LED products (24V strips/modules), it uses standard DMX512 protocol via 5-pin XLR.  Powercon locking input power cables. Internal DMX addressing controls for control via a lighting console. 

Technical Paramaters

  • 16 X Bi-Color Outputs or Single Color White Options
  • Protections: short circuit / over temperature / overload / over voltage
  • Extremely fast PWM dimming at 14.4kHz allows for flicker free operation with most camera settings
  • Certified by Intertek to CSA standards
  • Forced-air cooling by built-in fans
  • 5-year limited warranty


Output Current (A)


16 x 24V @4.24A/Channel
24V@66.6 A MAX

Output Power (W)


960W @ 24V

Supply Voltage


12A-115VAC/ 6A-230VAC 88-264V AC 50-60Hz

Size (inches)


L17" X W29” X H5.25"




PWM Frequency


7.4KHz - 14.4KHz

Mounting Options


3.5U standard rack spaces

Temperature Range


- 40°c to + 1 25°c

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