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New for 2018!

A new range of LED fixtures designed by West Coast Illumination & Moss LED.
5 different sizes and 5 different LED Engines.

  1. Bi-Colour (3000k - 5600k)
  2. Tungsten Only (3000k)
  3. Daylite Only (5600k)
  4. RGB+CCT (Red, Green, Blue + 2700K - 5600k Full Colour Spectrum)

Tried & tested MossLED Tungsten (3000k), Daylite (5600k),  CCT adjustable(3000k - 5600k) ML24 panels, as well as  RGB+CCT Adjustable ML14 panels.  
There is a MI Fixture & MI LED Engine. for every application.

Able to change their physical form in an extremely efficient manner via
quick-lock rare-earth magnets, the Moss Illumination range of fixtures is sure to be an unprecedented welcome addition to locations, & studios everywhere.

Powerful output, light-weight, high CRI MI Illumination fixtures are built with
durable aluminum instead of plastic.  This provides greater heat dissipation for the LEDs & allows for higher output emitters, and longer life-span.
The LED engine can be removed from the housing shroud and
can be populated with any MossLED ML Panels.  

Designed in Hollywood & Toronto.