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LumenDimIO-100 - Transceiver

by RC4

The compact RC4 Wireless LumenDimIO-100 transceiver is both a transmitter and receiver based on the LumenRadio TimoTwo CRMX/CRMX2 platform. The LumenDimIO-100 is easy to integrate with all of your current CRMX devices, and does so at an affordable price.

Like all transceivers, the LumenDimIO-100 has two modes of operation: TX (transmitter) and RX (receiver). Wireless RDM (DMX Remote Device Management) is supported in both transmitter and receiver mode. Any number of CRMX receivers may be used with any CRMX transmitter, wirelessly linking them all with one wireless DMX universe.

The DMX specification states that up to 32 wired devices may be used on a DMX output. The LumenDimIO-100 exceeds this requirement and is capable of driving more than 32 devices. The LumenDimIO-100 is also internally protected against static discharge and excessive line loading. The LumenDimIO-100 will generally work reliably up to 200′ (60m). Line-of-sight is not generally required, but dense objects between units — like concrete walls — will attenuate the radio signal and reduce the available range.

Like all wireless devices, range is also affected by wireless data congestion. A genuine LumenRadio TimoTwo RF module in the LumenDimIO-100 provides LumenRadio Cognitive Coexistence to avoid congestion and improve wireless performance.

The LumenDimIO-100 transmits wireless DMX with up to 100mW of RF power. It is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, making it functionally very similar to the LumenRadio Moonlite, but without the built-in battery. It provides the added advantage of chassis-mounted XLR male and female connections, an external antenna connection, and user selectable DMX line termination. The antenna connection allows the use of various specialized antennas to improve range by focusing RF energy where it’s needed most. A typical 2dBi antenna is included with the unit.  Termination ensures optimal performance at the end of a long wired DMX data line.

A 9VDC power adaptor is provided with the LumenDimIO-100.  The device itself can be powered over a wide range of 6V – 35VDC, making it easy to run from an external battery pack if needed (battery not included).

Compatibility with the LumenRadio CRMX Toolbox app, available for Apple iOS and Android smartphones, makes it easy to configure the LumenDimIO-100 as a transmitter or receiver, set a Linking Key, and assign a color to the DMX universe.  An RGB LED indicator displays the assigned Universe Color on the LumenDimIO-100 for easy identification (in transmitter mode you can set the color with the CRMX Toolbox app; in receiver mode, it will show the selected color of the linked transmitter).  Numerous other indicators are also provided, including a 5-step signal-strength bar graph, link, status, DMX activity, and RDM activity.

As on all RC4 devices, the Link button is recessed to protect from being pushed inadvertently. Use a bent paperclip or small screwdriver to press the button when needed.  The functionality of this button is nearly identical to the Link button on the LumenRadio Moonlite, including various special functions accessible through combinations of long and short presses. Use the CRMX Toolbox app for easier configuration of all available parameters.

Get the CRMX Toolbox app:
For Apple iOS
For Android

Transmitter Mode

  • DMX Input: meets USITT DMX512/1990(4us) and is compliant with ANSI E1.20 – 2010 Remote Device Management
  • DMX Output: straight-thru hardware connection from DMX input to output (signal passes through even when the device is not powered)
  • DMX Line Termination: RDM-compatible line termination is manually selectable with a small slide switch, and an LED indicates when termination is enabled

Receiver Mode

  • Any number of CRMX-compatible receivers from any brand may be used in a system
  • DMX Output: meets USITT DMX512/1990 and is compliant with ANSI E1.20 – 2010 Remote Device Management for wireless RDM
  • The DMX specification allows up to 32 devices on a DMX output.  The data output exceeds this requirement and is capable of driving more than 32 devices
  • Internally protected against static discharge and excessive line loading



  • Dimensions: 3.4” x 2.3” x 1.55” nominal (approx. 86mm x 59mm x 40mm). Mounting flanges extend an additional 0.5″ (13mm), for a bottom footprint of 4.4″ x 2.3″ (112mm x 59mm)
  • Weight: 3.40oz
  • DMX Input/Output: meets USITT DMX512/1990. XLR5 male and female, and RC4 non-standard miniplug port
  • Power Input: 6VDC – 35VDC, A world-voltage 90 – 250VAC high-efficiency AC adaptor is included. International purchasers will receive an adaptor suitable for the location we ship to. North American customers will receive a standard adaptor for use in USA and Canada.
  • Options: Transmit/Receive via CRMX Toolbox app or special sequence of Link button presses; DMX termination enable/disable via slide switch; CRMX Link via recessed button
  • Indicators: Status/Universe Color/TX/RX, TX Signal Present, Linked to TX Indicator, DMX activity, RDM activity, 5-step receiver signal strength bar-graph, DMX termination on/off indicator
  • Antenna: 2dBi RP-SMA external antenna with nominal 100m range. Range can be further extended using high-gain and/or directional antennas