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BP100 Battery Pack - Charger Only

SKU BP1005V12V24V98W-CHR
by BixMart
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Universal External Rechargeable Battery - BP100.

This battery capacity is 96 Watt-hour. We suggest using Watt-hour or Wh instead of Amp-hour or Ah to compare capacities of different batteries. Wh, is a more accurate unit to show the power capacity and it means the approximate wattage that the battery can provide within one hour. Amp-hour or Ah should only be used when you have only one voltage output.

This Universal External Lithium Rechargeable Battery Pack can provide power for our FlexLED strips, LuxLine stix, ML Pads, and module as well as laptop computers, digital cameras, digital photo frames, PDAs, cell phones, DVD players.


This battery has 3 output ports:

  • Port I can output 3 different regulated voltages: 16V, 19V, 24V. This port can be used to power our FlexLED strips, LuxLine stix, ML Pads, and laptop notebook computers with the output cable and different connector tips. Please set the port output voltage to match the voltage of your LED product.
    There is a small slide switch that allows you to adjust the output voltage between 16V, 19V, and 24V.  Simply adjust the switch to the selected output voltage that you require and the battery will regulate itself to output that specific voltage.

  • Port II output nominal voltage is 11.1V (Range from 9V ~ 12.6V). This port power comes directly from battery cells without voltage regulation. When the battery is fully charged, its voltage is 12.6V. Output voltage will then decrease gradually. Most of the time, the output voltage will be around 10V ~ 11V ( nominal voltage is 11.1V). When the voltage drops to 9V, the port will shut off and stop providing power.
  • Port III is a 5V USB port that can be used to power or charge cell phones, iPhone/iPod/iPod Touch, MP3/MP4 players, PDAs and any device that can be charged from a USB port (USB power cable not included).


Wide range input voltage:
This battery can be charged from 12V to 24V DC power. It may use your current laptop AC power adapter as a charger if it has a 5.5x2.1mm connector. In this case, there is no need to carry an extra charger when you travel.

Battery Specifications:




96 Watt-Hour

Battery Cell: Lithium-ion
Input Charging Port: Input Voltage Range: DC 12 ~ 24V. Connector Size: 5.5 x 2.1mm
Outputs: Port III: 5V USB Port; Maximum Output Current: 2A

Port II: Nominal Output Voltage 11.1V
Output Voltage Range 9V ~ 12.6V
Output Connector Size: 3.5 x 1.35mm;
Maximum Output Current: 5A

Port I: Output Voltages (selectable): 16V@4A, 19V@3.5A, 24V@2.5A 
Output Connector Size: 5.5 x 2.5mm
Charging time /Temperature 4-6 hours / 0 °C- 45 °C
Size 186 x 114 x 22.5mm ( or 7.5" x 4.5" x 0.9")
Weight: 621g ( or 1.4 lb)
Power Indicator: 4 level LED indicator
Built-in Protection Circuits:

Over-charge; Over-discharge; Over current; Over temperature, Short circuit protection

Operating Temperature:

- 20°C ~ 60°C

Storage Temperature:

- 20°C ~ 40°C

Standard package:

The battery pack is only the battery. No charger included.

How to use the battery:

<1>Charge the battery: This battery can be charged from 100V ~ 240V 50Hz/60Hz AC power source with the battery AC charger.

<2> Decide Battery Output Voltage: The battery output voltage should be the same as the LED strips you are powering (whether they are 12V or 24V).

Note1: Usually batteries are not stored fully charged. If you need to use it at full capacity you'll need to fully charge it prior to using.

Note2: You can connect 2 or more batteries in parallel - only when using Port I. Make sure batteries are set to the same voltage AND that each individual battery is capable of driving the full load alone AND all are fully charged.