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17° BeamSoftener for Astera PixelBrick

30° FloodFilter for Astera PixelBrick

Accessory Case for Astera PixelBrick

Astera - Folding stand for AX1, TITAN and Helios Tubes

Astera - M5 Eyebolt for AX1 PixelTube, Helios, Titan and Hyperion Tubes

Astera BabyPin Double-Ended Spigot

Astera DC Extension Cables For NYX Bulb Female To Male

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Astera DMX Adapter Cable for ART7

Astera PixelBrick

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Astera PixelBrick $517.44 $539.00
AsteraBox™ CRMX

AsteraBox™ CRMX $469.44 $489.00
AX1 PixelTube™ - Includes AC Power Adapter Charger

AX10 SpotMax™

AX10 SpotMax™ $2,207.04 $2,299.00
AX3 LightDrop 120° Flood Filter

AX3 LightDrop 30° Flood Filter

AX3 LightDrop Diffuser Dome

AX3 LightDrop Wall Washer Filter

AX3 Lightdrop™

AX3 Lightdrop™ $431.04 $449.00
AX5 TriplePAR™

AX5 TriplePAR™ $1,103.04 $1,149.00
AX5 TriplePAR™ Charging Plate - 4-Way

AX5 TriplePAR™ Charging Plate - 8-Way

AX9 PowerPAR

AX9 PowerPAR $1,679.00
BrickBracket for Astera PixelBrick

BrickConnect for Astera PixelBrick

BrickDome for Astera PixelBrick

BrickHinge for Astera PixelBrick

BrickMount for Astera PixelBrick

BrickTilt for Astera PixelBrick

Charger for AX1 PixelTube & NYX PowerStation

Charger for AX3 Lightdrop

Charger for Titan Tube & Helios Tube

Charging Case for Astera Helios

Charging Case for Astera Helios $1,890.24 $1,969.00
Charging Case for Astera PixelBrick

Cross Plate for AX1, Titan Tube and Helios Tube

FP3 Datalink for Titan, Helios and Hyperion Tubes

Helios Handle

Helios Handle $55.20 $57.50
Helios Tube - Sold without AC Power Adapter

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Hyperion Tube - Sold without AC Power Adapter

Infrared Remote Control

Metal Holder for Mounting AX1 and Titan Tube

NYX Bulb

NYX Bulb $169.00