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AirZing™ PRO 5030 UNIV

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by Osram
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Light is germ fighting

This product disinfects the air and surfaces of a room using light.  
The special AirZing PRO 5030 UNIV fixture is powered by an OSRAM germicidal PURITEC
® HNS® 30W lamp, which emits high intensity UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7nm. The radiation produced by the AirZing PRO 5030 UNIV is used to disinfect air and surfaces. Research shows that UV-C lamps can destroy up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.  Designed to be used in a room when it is not in use, it is the perfect light for high traffic areas that have 'down time'.  Examples are board rooms, shared offices, patient rooms, treatment rooms, examination rooms, public transportation etc.  

Key benefits

  • Simple, yet high performance fixture
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to Install
  • Generates 253.7nm UV-C light, which is ideal for highly effective disinfection

  • Proven technology capable of destroying up to 99.9% of microorganisms at recommended exposures

  • 30-second delayed start to enhance operational safety

  • Equipped with IR motion sensor technology to shut system down when people are detected entering the UV workspace

  • Ozone-Free Emissions
  • 360° coverage area

  • 3-Year Warranty

    Until recently this technology was only available in hospital settings as the cost was prohibited to large organizations.  However with the advent of the Osram Airzing this product brings hospital level clean to your office/workplace setting at a fraction of the price. 
    Read more about UV-C robots used in hospitals here.
    UV-C devices are only mandated to operate when people are not around.   


  1.  Osram Donates Germ-Fighting Fixtures to SAU 16 schools
  2.  Case Study - Newtown Densitry AirZing Installation


UV-C: A proven technology for disinfection

Globalization and increased travel have brought more attention to global public health. Many scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises are working hard to provide solutions for tackling such challenges. UV-C radiation generated by high-energy UV-C lamps moves at wavelengths between 200-280nm, which is highly effective for disinfecting air and water, as well as destroying harmful microorganisms on surfaces. With UV-C technology, it is possible to destroy up to 99.9% of all pathogens without the use of harsh chemicals that often come with harmful side effects.

The AirZingPRO 5030 UNIV with OSRAM PURITEC® HNS® lamps is a high performance, cost effective solution that is efficient, effective and reliable for disinfection.

  • Exposure to UV-C light can cause injury to the eyes and skin. To prevent possible injury, eyes and skin should not be exposed to direct or reflected ultraviolet light emitted by this lamp. This lamp is in Risk Group 3 per ANSI/IESNARP-27.3-96. Adequate protection should be provided by clothing, gloves, opaque materials, proper eyewear and ordinary window glass.
  • When in operation this product emits UVC radiation which is not visible to the human eye.
  • UVC radiation can cause skin irritation and damage to your eyes.  Never look at a UV emitter!
  • UVC radiation can cause surfaces such as fabric, plastics, rubber, and painted surfaces to prematurely fade or degrade.  We recommend using the minimum dose required to disinfect based on distance between the UVC product and the surface you are trying to irradiate.


Product Type : AirZing PRO 5030 UNIV
Product Code : 555028
Emitting Wavelength  : 253.7nm
Typical Wavelength : 253.7nm 
Current, Rating : 0.36A
Voltage : 100 ~ 277V
Wattage : 34 W
CC / CV : N/A
IP Rating : Indoor Use Only
Radiation Area : 10 ~ 30 Square Meter   
Lumen / Watt :  N/A
Lifetime* : 9,000 hours
Cutting Length : N/A 
Bulb Quantity : 1
Connector Type : N/A
Housing Material : Aluminum
Warranty : 3 Year
Temperature, Operating, Maximum : 35C
Temperature, Operating, Minimum : -10C
Agency Ratings : Intertek - 4010604
Product Dimensions (inches) : 40 X 3.2 X 2.2
Product Weight (pounds) : 2.9
Viewing Angle : 360 degree
Mounting Style : Surface Mount


      1. Specification Sheet

      2.  AirZing Pro 5030 UNIV Installation and Safety Manual
      3.  AirZing Pro 5030 UNIV Customer Presentation
      4.  AirZing Pro 5030 UNIV Warranty
      5.  AirZing Pro 5030 Frequently Asked Questions



How to install the Osram AirZing


Sensor Demonstration