Big Brother Canada 2 - Kitchen and Living Room

Our next installment of photos from the Big Brother Canada house chronicles the kitchen and living room.

Each horizontal light box used our 24V HD FlexLED Neutral White 4100K High CRI tape.


The overhead half-moon chandelier used our 24V 4-Way LED Modules to ensure consistent colour and output across each module.


The living room was indeed one of our showcase pieces of the house.  With over 7000 4-way modules and 1 kilometer of LED tape, it is indeed impressive

and very bright.  One of our challenges shooting in the big brother house is that the one-way glass cuts half of the light out when shooting cameras through it, so the interior requires twice as much lumens in order to pop on camera.


The center chandelier provided beautiful soft illumination.

Under construction in the big brother house.


The final piece viewed from the entryway doors of the house.

Our gorgeous living room.

The main overhead silk was lit with ColorForce 12 Phosphors from AC Lighting.

We are very proud to have been involved in this project.  More to follow with our next installment of photos from the Big Brother house.

Jeffrey Moss
Jeffrey Moss


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