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Universal External Rechargeable Battery - MP500.

This is the largest capacity but most compact-sized 24V Lithium ion battery pack on the market.

Small Size and Light Weight:

This battery only weighs about 5.5 pounds (a same capacity Lead-Acid battery will be around 30 pounds).

The supplied adapter allows you to adjust voltage from 9V to 24V.

This battery pack comes with a Super Large High Capacity (504 Watt-Hour) Lithium ion Battery, an AC Charger with power cord, and a BiXPower Multi Voltages DC Power Converter.

The battery and DC power adapter have been configured with physically and electrically hermaphroditic Anderson Powerpole connectors and are therefore very easy to connect together.

Safety Features
  • Water-resistant, firm ABS plastic casing.
  • Built-in PCB protection.
  • Prevent short circuit, over-current, over-heat, over-charge, and over-discharge.
  • The internal pack is stabilized by braces, thereby avoiding mechanical accidents caused by vibration.

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Agency Approvals : CE
Amperage : 5 A output @ 24VDC
Color : Black
Chemsitry : Lithium-Ion
Voltage (Native) : Nominal Voltage: 36V, Minimum Voltage 30V, Maximum Voltage 42V.
Voltage (Converter) : 9V, 12V, 15V, 16V, 18V, 19.5V, 24V
Capacity : 504 Watt-Hour
IP Rating : IP20
PCB Safety Functions : Cell Balancing, Over-Discharge, Over-Current Protection, Over-Charge, Temperature Protection, Secondary Protection
Maximum Output : 120 Watt
DC Plug Rating : 5A
Material, Housing : ABS Plastic
Battery Charger Connector : IEC Universal
Number of Contacts for Output : 2
Inside Contact Diameter : 2.1mm
Outside Contact Diameter : 5.5mm
Temperature, Operating, Charge : 0 - 45 C
Temperature, Operating, Discharge : -20 - 60 C
Temperature, Storage : -20 - 40 C
Type : Battery
Voltage, Rating : Various
Weight : 5.5 lbs.
Wire, AWG : Various



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