Rental - Pixelator

This unit is designed for use with a professional lighting console which can output ArtNet, sACN, ESP, or Kinet.

  • One LED Controller to rule them all

The Pixelator is the world's foremost Ethernet -> Pixel Link converter. A high density device when you need to convert large amounts of DMX Over Ethernet data into Pixels while keeping costs under control. Ideal for any LED pixel mapped project using pixel tape or pixel dots.

  • 8160 Pixels per unit - 48 Universes

Pixelator gives you control of upto 8160 pixels using 48 Universes of Ethernet. Each Plink port will drive upto 340 individual pixel leds (2 Universes). And each port gives the option of grouping upto 340 physical leds into 1 DMX pixel (RGB), reducing the number of DMX channels needed

  • Performance in every Pixel

Supports WS2812B and APA-104 LED protocols, so you can connect Moss LED 5V Pixel Tape to the Pixel Link ports (using PLink Injector and external power). Using state of the art FPGA programmable Logic, ultra fast DDR memory and Gigabit ethernet, all 24 Pixel outputs are synchronised when using Sync mode. No more image ghosting or jumpy updates of your content. No other device offers this level of performance in such a compact form factor.