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The DarkBox DMX is an ultra compact and scalable single output DMX tunable LED dimmer. The DarkBox DMX also has a variety of built-in patterns (blink, strobe, candle flicker, power surge flicker, and pulse) for special effects lighting without the need to program complex DMX signals. This device occupies 3 DMX channels, which controls brightness, speed, and mode, respectively.

The V2 features a new machined aluminum body to protect the unit in harsh environments as well as an upgraded MOSFET that allows for higher current capacity and protects against output short circuits.


  • Makes any dimmable 12VDC LED flicker, strobe, blink, surge, pulsate, or dim
  • Fully tunable speed and brightness for any mode
  • Standalone operation with DMX signal is possible if tuned and programmed with DMX Programmer app
  • LED indicator displays output mode even without external LEDs attached
  • Non-repeating algorithm for unique and realistic flicker patterns


  • Dark attractions
  • Candelabras
  • Props and animatronics
  • Lanterns
  • Special effects strobe
  • Signage



Input 12VDC
Output 12V PWM output, up to 2A load
Dimming PWM
Dimensions 71mm (2.8)x 67mm (2.6)x 15.5mm (0.8)
Power connector 2.1mm DC jack with screw terminal adapter
Signal connector 3.5mm TRS jack with screw terminal adapter
IP Rating IP30

DMX Channel Descriptions

Channel Name Level Description
Ch 1 Brightness Level 0-255 Dim to bright
Ch 2 Speed / If Ch 3 is 0, Ch 2 controls blink speed
If Ch3 is non zero, Ch 2 controls speed of function
Ch3 Built-In Functions 32-64 Fade in
65-96 Fade out
97-127 Pulsing
128-159 Surge
160-191 Strobe
191-255 Flicker

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